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Specially formulated to penetrate and eliminate grease, oil, carbon deposits, tar and other caked on materials, Premium Degreaser is the perfect choice for use under the hood, the engine, the wheel wells, door jambs and any part of your vehicle susceptible to corrosion. This powerful handcrafted formula helps to loosen and remove stubborn deposits that can get trapped in hard to reach areas of your car, making it the perfect companion for a deep cleaning detail.

Unique thickening formula that clings to surface
Powerful removal of grease and caked on materials
Effectively used on wheels, door jambs, engines, and more

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Premium Degreaser is designed to fight through the toughest of grease deposits, oil buildup, and tar from the engine of your vehicle. Along with the engine, Premium Degreaser can be used to remove such buildup under the hood, on wheel wells, door jambs, and other surfaces susceptible to corrosion such as undercarriage.

Premium Degreaser can help keep your car running smoothly and efficiently by providing a clean surface for moving parts and other components of your car’s engine. The vitality of these parts should never be compromised, making Premium Degreaser the perfect addition to any garage.

1. Shake well.
2. Spray directly onto surface, and allow to sit for several minutes.
3. Using a clean brush or cloth, agitate the area and rinse with water.
4. Repeat if necessary.
For maximum results after using the Premium Degreaser, prep and protect your car with Dr. Beasley’s Exterior pH Neutralizer, followed by the appropriate Dr. Beasley’s protection product (Wheel Seal, Bug Barrier, Carnauba Wax, etc).

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

Premium Degreaser Cleaning Product Right to Know
Premium Degreaser SDS

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